wiring up blinkers?

i have a 80 fa50, it has no blinkers at all,( there not missing they were never there), i want to hook up at least some rear blinkers for it, i can find a rear rack with the blinkers in it for fairly cheap, but how hard would it be to wire them up, and could i use some sort of toggle switch or would i have to get the peice that goes next to the grip with the switch in it


Re: wiring up blinkers?

If the ibke isn't set up for them, I'd just get a set of battery powered ones, or buy an FA50 for parts that was equipped with them(I've never seen one without signals).

You should ALWAYS give hand signals anyway when on a small bike...........people just don't notice the dinky little signals well enough. don-ohio

Re: wiring up blinkers?

anyone else?

Re: wiring up blinkers?

Matthew Libhart /

Don's pretty knowledgeable, but I've got a Puch that I'd like to put some signals on as well. Where are you getting the rear rack?

As far as wiring goes, you can use a toggle switch as long as it's single pole, double throw (SPDT). You can get various brackets to mount the switch onto the handle bars then. If they're not mounted there and you have to take your hand off the bar to operate them, I'm not sure what the point is, you could just give a hand signal.

Get a wiring diagram for your ped, and find a hot wire from the wiring block (if you've got one), or you could simply tap into the headlight or taillight and pull from it's power. Make sure you know what voltage your magneto is so you can get the right bulbs. It makes sense that the lowest wattage bulb that has decent visibility is the one to get.

If you wanted to go battery powered, I've heard that you can hook a gel-cell of the same voltage as your magneto to the magneto, then run add-ons from the battery. While the ped is running full power, it's charging the battery. But even a regular battery that you have to change wouldn't be bad. For the amount of power and use you'll need just to run signals, a battery would probably last all summer, and if you brought it inside for the winter may even last more than that.

Let me know if you need more help. The worst thing here is routing the wiring from the back to the front. Be sure to try to run the wire next to the wiring that's already there for the tail light, you know this is a safe path free from moving parts.

Re: wiring up blinkers?

i must agree, ive used all sorts of strange setups with toggle switches

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