puch starter cable ??

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hi. ive been fixing up a 1977 puch maxi and have been very successful thus far. however, i still am having trouble hooking up the starter (clutch) cable.

when i went to my local moped shop (1977 mopeds! whoo!) they said i needed to take off the cable casing up to a certain point so i could move the bolt up and secure it. but! when i took off the black casing there was metal surrounding the actual cable. how do i get this off? am i supposed to get this off? anyone have any specific instructions on attaching the starter cable so i can start my moped without having the pry the lever forward with a screwdriver? that would be great!

Re: puch starter cable ??

Sounds like you have a 1 speed if you are prying the clutch lever arm forward with a screw driver.

Thread the loose cable end into the starter clutch lever at the HANDLE BAR and clamp it just before the end of the cable so it won't slip back out of the lever handle. DON"T clamp it on the very tip of the cable end or you will fray the cable end.

Then with the cable loose at the handle bar end to get some slack, slip the barrel connector on the clutch end of the cable along side the lever arm on the clutch and use your screw driver to pull the lever arm forward. Then slip the cable and barrel connector into the clutch arm lever.

You may also have to loosen and adjust the cable tensioner hex nuts that are attached to the frame that hold the cable to the frame. Study them a bit and note how they are put on, so you can put them back the same way, if you have to loosen them

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