tomos tranny

yo everyone says there are 3 screws for the transmission oil on the new tomos models.

I have a 2001 targa lx and I saw the fill and drain screw, but where is the fill screw exactly?

if I attack a picture can someone put an arrow or something where it is? thanks.


Re: tomos tranny

It is under the air box. You will have to remove the cheap plastic cover in the pic to get to it along w/ the air box.

Re: tomos tranny

I'm sorry, I meant the fill level screw. I found the fill screw I worded that wrong I was in a hurry.

I need to know know where the one is that lets you know when it's full.

Re: tomos tranny

See Ya Moped Army /

It's a screw on the face of the clutch cover

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