Puch Magnum problems

I have a 1980 Puch Magnum II. I can get it started up, and it will run up to full speed on the kickstand, but when I get on it to ride it, it will sputter and die.

It was getting up to full speed before sputtering and dying, but I took the carb apart and cleaned it, and after that it won't even get up to speed.

It doesn't seem to be carb, since I cleaned it out, and the carb is fairly new.

I know the fuel lines are not plugged because I can see gas in the fuel filter.

Could the fuel tank be clogged, which might create a lack of pressure in the fuel line?

Could it be the clutch, since I can get it running fine on the kickstand, but not when I sit on it?

Re: Puch Magnum problems

Jason Luther /

try disconnecting the fuel line from the carb and see if gas pours out freely. if not, find out why. if so, id be suprised.-jason

Re: Puch Magnum problems

You should check to see if your exhaust is clogged, the symptoms you described are common with this malody. easiest way to check is to loosen the exhaust bolts some and start it up and see if it looses power.

Re: Puch Magnum problems

Make sure the choke stem on top of the carb comes up all the way when you twist the throttle. If it doesn't pull it up by hand.

Is it Stock carb or a performance carb?

Re: Puch Magnum problems

Ian Johnsen /

It's a performance carb, Amal or Arreche. It also has a performance muffler, and 70cc head.

Re: Puch Magnum problems

Ben Van Zoest /

Fuel/Air mixture incorrect possible fuel delivery problem.

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