Puch cylinder heads

I have a poloni 65cc kit and a 70cc athena head, but i noticed the lobe on the head and cylinder when there matched up the fins are weird, i'm woundering what that whole and lobe on the exhaust port side that comes up to the top of the cylinder and meats with the head is for, and if the head doesn't fully cover it if it matters.

Re: Puch cylinder heads

Jason Luther /

its kind of hard to understand what you are saying, but i think the hole in the cylinder is for the decompression valve (if it ever had one, mine doesnt , but he cylinder head covers the hole). so, yeah, the hole needs to be covered or you wont have any compression.-jason

Re: Puch cylinder heads

John Getsch /

Well on each cylinder there is a lob on the top that matches with a lobe on the head. On the poloni kit there is a whole drilled through that lobe traveling to the exhaust port. If this whole isn't covered is it bad?

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