express carburator

I know nothing about cards so I dont know wether there is suppose to be a open tube type thing on the left side(on the ped)? Its got a straight piece of metal in it about the size of a nail .straight from the top to the bottom of the there suppose to be a cover or something on this tupe(large metal tube,could probably fit a small fork in it).

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Leon Swarmer /

go to

p16-1 and see if you can give us clearer info.

16-2 mugh help too.


Re: express carburator

oh great there is suppose to be a air cleaner there.Ill just run without one,I just dont care anymore

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I have the same problem with my Urban Express. I wonder if missing air filters is a common issue with old Hondas.

The former owner clamped on a long, curved piece of cheap rubber tubing to the carb. It sort of looks like a mini-exhaust pipe...doesn't really clean the air but gets it the fuck away from me (I guess).

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Could be to keep rain out of the unprotected carb... i dunno.

But yeah, theres a junkyard here in town with about 5 expresses in it and NONE of them have their air cleaners. Its almost like they are not very durable and tehy break so they are in high demand. That or people want to increase airflow to their motor and remove the cleaner for less air impedance.

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Jonas Quimby /

I did that for some time. I had the box, but with no filter element inside of it. Few hunded miles later and I had removed the sparkplug twice to remove a sizable rock from inside the gap of the plug. Not only that but managed to score the crap outta my piston and cylender.

In other words, this was a bad thing.

If you cant get anything else, I've seen small filters that can be clamped right to the carb 'mouth'

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Someone please tell me if this makes any sense:

Since I have a long rubber tube (diameter maybe 3/4") instead of an air filter, could I just jam a generic air filter sponge into the tube's tip and make due? Or even stretch some sort of filter material over the opening?

Basically, how hi-tech do filters have to be?

Re: express carburator

Jonas Quimby /

It will very likely work, as anything's better then nothing.

The only problem you could run into is not enough air flow.

A filter restricts airflow. They make them bigger to allow more air to get through.

Re: express carburator

I called about one today,it was complete except for the air filter box!

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