fa50 throttle trouble

at first whan i picked up my fa50 i was only able to twist the throttle about an inch or less and it would not spring back i had to twist it back to close the throttle, so i took off the carb and the disconnected the throttle cable , i then was able to twist the throttle what seemed to be like all the way open so i decided to reassemble it, i screwed in the throttle cable and bolted up the carb....then i tried the throttle again and it is opening all the way but it wont spring back like it should, it simply stays in the position i last have it

any suggestions, maybe a new throttle spring?

thanks a ton

Re: fa50 throttle trouble

Try a new throttle cable. Or at least try to lubricate it with oil and see if that doesn't help. But, I would just buy a new cable and be done with it. With care, a new cable should last a long time and you know it won't just keep crud-ding (?) up on you.

Re: fa50 throttle trouble

Could be in the throttle grip also. Just take it apart, and clean and lubricate the handlebar where the grip goes. Once apart, you'll see where the dirt, grime or rust is that's causing the trouble. Once that is clean and slick, a rusty cable is about the only other thing that would be causing the throttle to stick.

Re: fa50 throttle trouble


Buckeroo Bob is right on the money! Cable is about 12.50 from Suzuki dealer. You can remove it, soak the cable in oil / WD-40 overnight and work it loose if you need a quick fix.

Re: fa50 throttle trouble

thank s alot guys, it sounds like buying a new cable would be my best bet, but will it be hard to run it through the frame?

Re: fa50 throttle trouble

Try this simple method. Tie a small string (nylon preferred) around whichever end you take loose. My experience is tie it to the carb side, As you pull the old cable out the string will follow. The all you have to do is tie the correct end of the new cable to the string and pull it back. You can also shortcut and tape the old and new cables together and do the same thing. Just wiggle back and forth if it gets hung up. Don't pull to hard.

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