Problem with Express Headlight

I have a 1978 NC50 Honda Express. The headlight burnt out so I removed the bulb and socket with a dremmel. I bought a new bulb and socket to sodder in its place.

I noticed the bulb I purchased was a 12v not a 6v. Will I have problems with this?

Also my battery is dead, will the light still work?

Another question is my socket only has one wire coming from it, do I connect this to the green, blue or white??

Any help is appreciated!

Re: Problem with Express Headlight

Leon Swarmer /


don't connect it yet.

If your battery is dead you will burn out the new bulb as soon as you rev it up.

The 12 volt bulb is a problem. It will light, but not as brightly as a 6 volt. and the 6 volts are pretty weak anyway.

you actually got the wrong socket, too. You want one with two wires coming from it. Then you could run a dual filament bulb.

Maybe not a big deal anyway though there isn't a lot of difference.

either the blue or white should power the light. It will just make the hi/low beam switch an on/ off switch if you only are using one filament.

The green wire is the ground . It must be connected to the main housing of the socket somehow. More soldering perhaps.

Wish I had better news


Re: Problem with Express Headlight

I bought a single filament bulb so it would work as on on/off instead of high/lo beam. It was cheaper and easier to find than a dual filament bulb. I connected the socket to ground and the bulb lit right up. It is running brightly and at high speed does not burn out. The dead battery I think prevents it from burning out, acts as a voltage regulator. Where no battery would definitely burn out the bulb. Thanks for your help, just thought I would let you know it works great!

Re: Problem with Express Headlight

Leon Swarmer /

glad it's working for you

Re: Problem with Express Headlight

Where can I get a 6volt socket and bulb, does someone like menards have them or a automotive store?, also, does the socket for the bulb have to be specifically for 6volt bulbs or not?

Re: Problem with Express Headlight

Honda dealer or

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