FA50 post carb clean probs

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Hi Everybody,

This is my first post and my first moped. I have a Suzuki FA50 and I recently cleaned out the carb after reading the troubleshooting article.

My problem is this, I put the carb back on and it starts up great until I rev the throttle, then it dies. I went for a spin around the block and it will get up to about 20mph without even touching the gas! As soon as I grab the throttle the engine sputters and will die.

If it is on the kick stand it will idle extremely fast and spin the rear tire. When I am sitting on it I can rev it for like 3 seconds before it will start to sputter (unless I am heading down the road)

It is all just soo strange and seems to defy common sense, if any one can shed some light onto this...

PS: The idle screw is almost all the way down, and the mix screw is about 1 and a quarter turns out. Did I put something back together wrong?

Re: FA50 post carb clean probs

Did you forget to put the idle/slow jet back in after you cleaned it? Sounds like too much gas is getting through the idle circuit, I guess. How about the choke lever. Maybe you have it in the wrong position.

Re: FA50 post carb clean probs

Alfred Coates` /

To be honest, I didnt disassemble the entire carb, just soaked it overnight and then blew it out.

I am not sure which part is the idle/slow jet, but as far as the choke goes, it will only get going if the choke is all the way open. I can actually control my speed by moving the choke lever.


Re: FA50 post carb clean probs

Sure, moving the choke lever will cause the engine revs to change, but once warmed up, you should "remove" the choke and then see how it idles. That's when you do your carb adjustments...when the engine and carb are warmed up. So, why don't you warm her up good and make sure the choke is off and then tell us what is happening.

Re: FA50 post carb clean probs

Check the throttle cable for full travel. When I started working on mine, it did the same thing, cable was binding not allowing a fulll return,

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