Lighting help, still ????

Chris Saunders /

What gives. My bike starts great, minus carb clogs because of broken petcock filter?

I still cant figure out my lights though. I've checked the bulbs and they all seem visualy intact.

I've been told that the bike wont start with out the lights.

Any ideas on what to check would be great.

I'm new at this moped thing and love trying to figure stuff out. Thanks, Chreaus

Re: Lighting help, still ????

This is a PUCH,right? Always tell people what bike and model and year you have,please?

First, install a see-thru,in-line paper pleated filter especially since you have a bad petcock filter. Nothing gets thru paper.

Secondly, the taillight might be wired so it will kill the engine if it blows or loses ground, so check that.

PUT in a NEW spark plug. The points should be cleaned and gapped at .015" generally. If it races when it starts, it might be a hanging THROTTLE CAble, or it might be gas level too high.

Make sure the carb is cleaned really well and install that in-line filter. don-ohio

Re: Lighting help, still ????

Chris Saunders /

Thanks for the reply,

Yeah it's a 76 puch maxi

It runs great, i zip up and down my alley with ease

I just cant figure out the lights. Argh !!!!


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