So I've gotten the junked 79 Express running now and it seems to be doing ok... until it runs for a while and the cylinder head begins to smoke. My intuition tells me that this is running hot... unless this is normal. It IS on the center stand though so there is no air flowing over the fins, but I cant imagine that this minor enthalpy would make that huge of a difference. Generally I have to let it run for three or four minutes at a midrange throttle before the smoke starts.

Any ideas or am I just being way to overprotective.

Thanks in advance.




You sure that's the word you wanted there?


Leon Swarmer /


where is the smoke coming from? The head should not be smoking, but if it has four years of dust and several oil spills on it it might be burning that junk off.

You might wait till it's cool and clean it gently with a wire brush through the fins, etc.

glad it's running, but why are you running it so hard when you are on the stand??? You are producing more heat than idle speeds.



Check your exhaust to make sure you have something coming out of the pipe. I had a similar problem with mine and it was running but the muffler was plugged up. Too much backpressure I guess.

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