My Vespa Ciao is sluggish...what gives?

Jim Fitzgerald /

My Vespa Ciao ran pretty well last night, but since this morning it runs like crap. It will start up and run for a block or two, and then it stalls. When I finally get it restarted, the moped goes really slow, and I have to keep the throttle wide open or it stalls. Occasionally I get a tiny burst (a second or two) of power but for the most part it runs like crap. Can anyone help me?

Re: My Vespa Ciao is sluggish...what gives?

sounds like a carburetor problem. its either sticky and needs cleaning or adjusting. if that doesnt work try cleaning your spark plug and the inside of the spark plug boot. a wire brush works well for cleaning the engine end of a plug

Re: My Vespa Ciao is sluggish...what gives?

Ben Van Zoest /

Choke won't release???

Re: My Vespa Ciao is sluggish...what gives?

Sounds like a faulty/dirty spark plug or starving for fuel.

Make sure the pin hole in your gas cap is open

Make sure your air filter box is seated properly and is secure.

If haven't already get a new spark plug NGK B5HS or 6HS gapped at .020.

Pull the fuel line off at the fuel petcock and make sure you have good fuel flow in the UP and DOWN position.

If none of those help, you need to pull the carb and clean it and put on an inline fuel filter.

You may also need to remove the fuel petcock and flush the tank if the ped had been sitting for awhile unused.

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