2 Coil or 5 Coil Manual?

I own a 1977 Peugeot 103 LVS U3 with a 1978 103 SP engine. I am out looking to purchase a manual. Based on the photograph below, should I purchase the 2 Coil Magneto manual or the 5 Coil Magneto manual? I am mechanically illiterate, but am putting my money on the 2 coil, because I can certainly count. Are these the coils I should be conserned with when purchasing a manual, or are they something completely different?

(If the photo doesn't show, I am also attaching it)


Re: 2 Coil or 5 Coil Manual?

Ben Van Zoest /

That sure is the strangest thing I ever seen are these heating coils? But than I have not seen everything. Coils that generate the AC to run the systems are usually inbedded with breaker points on a plate behind the magnets drum...

Sure enough looks very interesting I like to hear the rest of the story.

Re: 2 Coil or 5 Coil Manual?

I have no idea. I purchased this moped used (it runs like a charm) but I don't understand why those coils are there

2 Coil or 5 Coil Manual?

If you re-read my first response I said that you need to take the flywheel cover off of the right side of the engine, and look through the holes to see. The picture you just posted would be of the completely wrong part of the bike.


...although there may be a way to tell from the rear coils. I don't know though, and I'm sure it would be faster to do the first thing than to wait around for someone who does.

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