air leak

Matt Delaman /

Hi my name is Matt I have a 01 tomos targa lx and in between the two hafts of the cylinder head it is leaking air. If any one know how to fix it can you pleas tell me.

Thank you Matt.

Re: air leak

How long have you had the bike? When did you notice this problem? And how did you notice this problem?

Do you mean that joint between the head and the cylinder is leaking air? (The head is on the top of the cylinder and has the spark plug screwed into it.)

I'm not sure about your bike so the following is generic information.

The head and cylinder must be bolted tightly to the engine block. Due to the danger of stripping a bolt, use a torque wrench when tightening these "head bolts". Normally, torque is about 6 to 8 foot-pounds. This is very little.. so be careful. The threaded holes and the threads on the bolts (or on all studs and nuts) should be clean.

There should a gasket between the head and cylinder. The joining surfaces of the head and cylinder must be flat.

Re: air leak

Ben Van Zoest /

Head gasket leaks exhibit a phhf phhf sound, loss of compression and power. Commonly the ped was not properly serviced after the break-in period, requiring loosening and toque-ing the head bolt nuts. Every ped acquired used had this problem, you'l see a lot of crude collected on the head/block joint a telltale sign. The torque requirements are different for aluminum to alum or alum the cast iron. See your ped's specs. It's best in my view to remove the head at this time and clean the mating joint and remove carbon deposits. IF a nut doesn't budge STOP, spray w/ release agent first.

I just did a ped from which I removed the filthy head which I soaked in boiling water w/ dishwash liquid, rinsed and dried the carbon deposit came off easily.

At one time I ran two Peugeot turbo diesel cars alum head on cast iron blocks a very tedious bolt tightening procedure which had to be done correctly or the engine made popping noise.

Most of the time the ped exhaust bolts need attention too..

Have a healthy respect for tightening engine bolts.

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