Yamaha Towny with no spark

I recently picked up an 81 Yamaha Towny and I'm trying to get it running. It doesn't have enough current getting to the plug to spark but it goes have enough to shock you when the plug isn't grounded and you are holding the wire. I was having the same problem with my Honda Trail 70 and I just cleaned up the points and it worked great. But the Towny doesn't have points. It has some sort of electronic ignition. So how do I trouble shoot this thing to get it to work. The coil does appear to be kinda old and mismatched to the bike. Could that be the problem? Does it need a special coil or will any 6 volt coil work on this moped.

Thanks for any and all help!


Yamaha Towny with no spark

Is that a known good plug that you are using?

Re: Yamaha Towny with no spark

Andy Kochvar /

After going through 3 mopeds that absolutetly needed the points in the flywheel gapped, i would definatley check that.

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