1979 Tomos

I have a 1979 Tomos moped. Not sure what type of Tomos or where to look to find out. Here's my problem. It starts fine, but when you go to give it gas, it will just bog down and hardly pull itself-it does however seem to idle just fine. I have cleaned all ports and passages in the carb, removed and cleaned the filter in the tank. It did leak gas from the air filter(?) area facing the rear of the bike, it did not leak again after I removed and cleaned the carb.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: 1979 Tomos

Sounds like the exhaust is clogged with carbon. See Fred's guide on how to remidy this situation.

Re: 1979 Tomos

ok to unclog a carbonized ehxuast just do one of two things

1. using a blowtorch get the exhaust extremly hot (CAREFULLY) screpe the inside of the exhuast eith a thin plumbing wire bruch (ace hardware has them). remover carbon secure back on and go, or you can put the exhaust in the fire place for a few hours.

2.put the chem in it its called sicriloic acid will not eat metal only the carbon,leave it in for about two to three hours, secure and go.

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