Vespa Ciao compression cable problems

Jim Fitzgerald /

My original compression cable broke. I got a cable and this screw-on end piece to make a compression cable, and I made it exactly as long as the broken one, but for some reason it has a bunch of slack. I can't figure out how to attach the thing, and there are no pictures of it in the manual. Can you tell me how to do it? Which way is the compression spring thingy supposed to be pulled by the cable? Towards the front wheel? Towards the engine? Up towards the handlebars? I'm stumped.

Also, is the compression cable supposed to act as a kill switch for the moped? For example, if I pull it while the moped is at idle, should it shut off?

Re: Vespa Ciao compression cable problems

Bruce Wilkinson /

I'll do my best to explain. The hair spring goes under the lower head bolt with the spring loop on the bottom. The anchor for the cable goes under the upper right head bolt. The plunger with small spring and valve are inbetween. The outer cable must be cut to proper lenght and goes into the small slotted loop on the end of the hair spring. The ball end of the cable slips under the anchor. If you can't follow this ,let me know. Some Ciaos do not have a shut-off switch, so you pull the decompression lever to stop the motor.If it is not stopping the engine then there is too much slack in the cable. bruce

Re: Vespa Ciao compression cable problems

jim bob

the end of the cable points toward the front wheel. it slips

in the loop and when you pull it pulls the wire loop toward the head and opens the decompression valve which

starts the engine or kills it.....hope you understand


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