Alright I need a little advice on what to do. I recently bought a 78 Honda Hobbit. The thing had no pedals, just a rod sticking through to put your feet. The guy had told me that he just set it in there and that a few taps with a hammer would get it out. I come home and start taking this beast apart and find out that the basterd welded the rod in. So I almost have the rod out now but my question is what to do for pedals?? I cant seem to find replacement ones anywhere!Will any pedles work or just Honda's??Im so confused!

Thanks for any advice

Re: Pedles??

Anthony Castellanos /

any 3 piece bike pedal/arm will work

Re: Pedles??

Original equipment is a 20mm shaft, 10.5 inches long (267mm). Two thick plastic spacers/washers (about 0.25 inch thick, 1 inch OD) go on the shaft on both sides of the frame's tube.

Flats to secure the pedal crank (tapered) bolts are about 10mm wide and 3mm deep.. The flats begin 3mm from the shaft's ends. (important! The two flats are 180 degrees apart)

The sprocket has 29 teeth... nearly 5 inch diameter.

It is welded to the shaft 63 mm from one end.

A larger sprocket won't fit.. the chain will hit the engine block. A slightly smaller sprocket will work.

The pedal crank arms are 130 mm, On Center (OC = distance from the center of pedal to center of shaft).

Overall length of the crank arm is about 160mm.. overall length of pedal is about 160 mm..

The pedal/crank assembly looks like standard, everyday pedals and cranks on a child's tricycle or similar.

The center shaft could be cut from any 20mm rod stock. The rest might be swapped from some junkyard bicycle with a bit of welding for the sprocket..

Re: Pedles??

okay cool thanxs a lot

Re: Pedles??

"HERE is another Ebay offering":

you may be interested in.

includes a rear wheel (gear box, rear variator unit, brakes unit, tire, spokes, shocks.. another drive belt.. Lots of handy spare parts if you ever need them.. and you might..

also includes the pedal assembly..

you got 2 days .. $15 is the bid so far

Re: Pedles??

steveintoronto /

if the threads in the crank arms aren't shot, any bike pedal with a 9/16" threaded shaft should thread right in. make sure you buy left and right pedals though, the threads go in opposite directions.

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