gas leaking out of carb/airfilter

Marco Parducci /

This site has saved me plenty of aggravation and for that I am greatful. I noticed to day that gas was dripping out of my carb from the air-filter. I think the float is stuck. Any suggestions on how to repair it? it is a '79 garelli Supersport xl.

thanks in advance

Re: gas leaking out of carb/airfilter

Ben Van Zoest /

Del'orto carb I presume had this too, float maybe. Eventually

took carb down in pieces. nothing unusual found it never leaked again. On my Puch it only leaks if I bump up on the steep drive way incline, seems the float gets stuck. Never on a subtle approach.

Re: gas leaking out of carb/airfilter

If it is a DellO'rto, there are great instructions for disassembling/reassembling it here:

I am pretty sure that site is from our very own "zippy" (Bill Webb).


Marco Parducci /

Thanks Bernard and Cyberian. I took the carb partial apart to remove the float and needle. Tried to clean it, put it back together, but it still was stuck. So I took the whole carb apart (needless to say I was very nervous - not much of a gear head), cleaned it, put it back together and it no longer leaks. If it weren't for this site and all the helpful people, I think I would have sold it in frustration. Thanks again


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