tomos speedo

hey I have a couple questions about tomos mopeds.

first of all, I know for a fact the speedo and odo are off.

is there a formula to figure out the correct numbers?? haha I know it sounds pretty ridiculous but I know I didn't ride 60 miles in one day.

also, does anyone have any silver mag wheels? possibly with newer tires I really think the gold mustard colored ones are really ugly.

thanks in advance for your help.

Re: tomos speedo

also what type of brakes would I need for a 2001 targa lx? I'm not sure, there are 2 types. how do I find out which one I need?

thanks again for your help.

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Call 1-937-446-2115 about the brakes.

The speedo can be checked in different ways. First off, just notice a mile-marker post at a certain tenths readout and see if you gain tenths or lose tenths at what rate per a 10 mile stretch.

The MPH part is easy too, if you have flat ground. You just set the speed of your moped dead on at 30 mph and see if it takes 2 minutes to go a mile.

Whatever the difference is from the 2 minute time can be calculated to ascertain actual speeds. don-ohio

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thanks a lot don.

Re: tomos speedo

You're welcome,Ryan! don-ohio

Re: tomos speedo

Weren't the odometers on some Tomos bikes in Kilometers instead of miles?

Re: tomos speedo

Yes,Cyberian..........they had some metric speedos. We won't hold thAT against them though.LOL! don-ohio

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if the backround is white, then its in miles, and if the backround of the speedo is in blacki, then its in kilometers.

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that doesn't make any sense. the backround of mine is in black but it says mph

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The odometer on the black face gauges are in km. That is probably your problem.

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Just run it past a mile marker like i said. In KMs , it will register like 1.5, but if it registers in Miles, it should be within a tenth or so.

If you're talking speed..........30km/hr will only be 20mph, so it takes three minutes instead of the aforementioned 2 minutes to run a mile. don-ohio

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