i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like that.

I had plenty of oil in my Tomos Targa LX the other day...

Today i started going about a half a mile on my bike, at half power, so i stopped it and noticed a burning smell--opened it up and saw the oil ran dry on me.

I filled it back up with oil, and put a couple ounces in the gas tank as well. It wouldnt start at first, but eventually came to. but now i notice a clanging sound in the cylinder. I must have effed up the piston ring or something...

Q: Should I ride the 5 miles to my mechanic on it ... or wait to find a truck.

If everything else is fine on the 6700km bike, except for the effed cylinder, should i fix my bike or trade it in..?

(yeah, thats right. i go to a mechanic... i probably screwed myself when i attemped replacing the oil pump last week.)

Re: i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like t

Forget about some scratches on the piston or cylinder.. a new piston and new rings and a little honing will probably fix that..

Problem is that all the bearings could be toast.. main bearings and their crankshaft races, small end connecting rod and piston pin.. Of course, this includes the crankshaft/Big-end connecting rod journal.

A new crankshaft/conrod assembly might be the cheapest fix if you wanna get it fixed, but that might cost a lot more than a good used replacement engine.

It needs to be disassembled and a careful assessment of the damage made. Then you can explore the cost of the possibilities. Dont even start it up, much less ride it.

Re: i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like t

Do not ride the bike the five miles until you are sure what the noise is.

Pull the head off of the engine to see what, if any damage is there. Look into the exhaust port too to see if the piston is damaged. If none then pull the cylinder off. Look down into the crank case for any apparent damage, and check for exessive play in the bearings. (Push and pull on the conecting rod to check for excessive play and see how much play there is moving the conecting rod side to side.) There should be a little play in the bearings but not much. If you are unsure of the amount of play you should have repost describing the amount of play you have. Someone here should be able to tell you if is too much play or not, and be able to tell you more accuratly what needs to be fixed. You can make your decission from there.

Re: i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like t

Leppy The Lepracaun /

dont ride your moped, i have the same damn problem. AND I JUST GOT A FING 200 DOLLAR PISTON JOB BECAUSE MINE WAS SCARRED UP. basically i dunno what to tell you, im in the same position, i just got that new piston job since my mechanic told me to and just the other day my oil pump stopped working. so im in sort of a lose lose situation. i have the same clicking noise and from what im told thats just screwing up the walls in my cylinder and sometin sometin about compression and sometin sometin about oil making the engine cool and my mopeds is going to hell

Re: i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like t

One way to test for excessive up-down piston play is to remove the head. Fasten the cylinder down against the block with a couple of head bolts and stacks of washers or bushings slipped over the bolts.

Turn the crankshaft so the piston goes a little bit past TDC.Then hit the piston crown with the palm of your hand.

If you hear a "CLICK" some bearings somewhere are gone.

Re: i feel like a jerk burning up my engine like t

Ah, you wet seized the motor! Join the crowd -- I screwed mine up recently.

Not all is bad though. Pick up an Airsal kit for $150 that includes a cylinder and piston and you'll be back in action in short order.

If you even slightly handy, it is an easy job. Two hours if you are really slow.

Pop the head off and look to see if the cylinder is scratched, it'll look like grooves. If so, get a cylinder + piston kit and pop it on -- you'll be back in business.


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