Honda Express CDI?

So I just picked up an old Express from the junkyard today and its not getting any spark. My questions is this... is this a CDI bike and if so, is there a picture of the part somewhere online or that someone would send me, because I think I'm missing it.

Thanks in advance.


Re: Honda Express CDI?

Have you tried to see if the have an exploded parts view for your bike? You can search for a specific part. Good luck.

Re: Honda Express CDI?

Hey I just got a very rough express today too.

What year?

Leon Swarmer /

tell us more. What year? early ones used points later they went to CDI. Express or Urban Express? or SR?

Have you checked all your electical connnections. don't run it without a battery unless you like buying $30.00 headlights.

CDI's are not the first place i"d look,

Re: What year?

Aaron Roemer /

If you have an express, check out this service manual:


Re: What year?

That service manul has alot of great stuff.

Re: What year?

Jonas Quimby /

And dont forget my cover's everything guide to getting a garage sale express running...

Re: What year?

Mine is totally trashed but the engine is suppose to run but needs fuel lines and tank cleaned.but there i so much else to do too.just about everything is broken except engine.

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