What Happened?????????

Chris Saunders /

I've been trying to figure out why my lights are not working.

1976 puch maxi

After taking apart the headlight and the switches on the handle bars( run switch, light switch, brake sensors..... etc .. )

Now the bike wont start. all I did was clean everything and put it back correctly. I even found that one of the brake sensor wires was disconnected.

The bike was working great. Do I need power everywhere to start the bike? Is there any way to rewire it with more modern components? Any help is much appreciated.

Thanks, Chreaus

Re: What Happened?????????

i would recheck all your connections and check at the screw on connector thing

most likely you have wired something incorrectly at the "junction connector"

or your taillight might be the source of the problem

are the tail bulbs both good

if a bulb is burned out or not there the ped wont run or get power

Re:thanks, any more help?????????

Chris Saunders /

I checked the bulbs in the tail light and they looked good. i might of put some back together wrong but don't think so.

I didn't take anything off of the Junction connector.( box on side near fuel petcock?)

How can i check to see if power is getting to the bulbs and switches , etc ...??????


Re:thanks, any more help?????????

Ben Van Zoest /

If the blue wire 'ignition power' shorts to chassis ground anywhere you have NO spark. Check if you have spark.

Sometimes the horn is internally shorted, pull and tape connectors together. It wont spark without a good run light filament, rear.

Re:thanks, any more help?????????

Chris Saunders /

I'm sure its getting spark. Engine sounds and will rev but when I release the starter it dies.

I'm gonna try cleaning the carb again.

I need to get a new petcock and think I might be getting gunk in to the carb.

And the lights are a whole other issue.

Thanks Chreaus

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