Help - bad spark plug cable

James Aasman /

I have a 1984 Yamaha QT-50, and the spark plug cable (a.k.a. high-tension lead wire) is loose and does not always stay connected to the spark plug fitting. I believe this is the reason that my moped stalls about every 5 seconds.

The parts dealer tells me that in order to fix the cable I will have to replace the cable and the ignition coil ($65).

Can I somehow fix the cable (prevent it from loosing connection to the spark plug) without buying a whole new cable and coil?


Re: Help - bad spark plug cable

depending on the type of connector

your spark plug wire should unscrew from the cable

just turn the part to come off counter clockwise and cut a little bit off then just screw it back on by turning it in the other direction

Re: Help - bad spark plug cable

That's not going to keep it from falling off the plug.

The connector itself is bad. See if you can find just a replacement connector.

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