FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

Well I am getting closer but has anybody shot this bug before? The turn lamps light up but are dim when either left or right side is selected. The tail light flashes along with them. When you apply the brake, either front or rear, all 4 turn signal lamps light up brighter than when you just have the turn signal switch selected. Looking at the diagram, I do not see the wires crossing paths in the circuit. Another weird item on the diagram shows the orange wire off the turn signal relay going to the horn, leaving the horn then to the horn switch to make ground when the horn switch is pressed. What the heck does blowing the horn have to do with turning?? No change in lights when trying to blow the horn. Thanks in advance to anyone that has been down this road and can offer a quick fix.

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

Do you have the right wiring diagram for your year? There were subtle changes made for some of the years according to my manual which covers all years. I looked at the wiring diagram and the orange looks like the common link to the ignition switch. I don't do electrics well either, but I remember having a similar problem in the early stages of restoring my FA50. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did to fix it other than retrace all connections. Are you sure you have plugged into the flasher unit in the headlight bucket?

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

I am using the diagram I got from you. The last page of it seems to be correct. All the colors match up. I just spliced my new signals into the existing wires and ohm'ed them out for continuity and made sure I had no shorts. I will have a go at it later today as my great job has given me the opportunity to come in at 3 AM today to do some work......

Stay tuned...

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

I have a poor memory. But, I do remember having a similar problem anad then discovered that I had forgotten to plug wires into the flasher. Or it may be bad.

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

I just spent 2 hours analyzing the entire wiring harness, etc.

At your leisure please check your's for me for the following:

engine off, key on my tail light is on, headlight off.

Engine off, key on: pull in a brake lever brake light comes on

NOW the tricky part....

engine off, key on, turn signal either left or right, I hear what sounds like a spring winding up coming from the turn relay inside the head lamp for a few seconds then lamps flash, at the same time tail light flashes at the same frequency. I pulled the turn relay apart and it has a capacitor in it. Also noticed the relay stays picked when I apply the brake lever.

Just curious if any of this makes sense.


there a 2 orange wires inside head lamp harness. The diagram does not show a split but there is one.

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

First part is o.k. as it should be. The tricky part, I think the flasher is faulty or has a bad connection. But, I wouldn't swear to it. Anybody else have a clue.

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

check the wires running forward from tail-light-they go into harness in close quaters to turn signal wiring under seat- bet you got a bare spot in the insulation...

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

Another problem solved thanks to you guys. The return for the front lamps was using white / black instead of black / white. White / black just so happens to be the tail lamp circuit! Now I have discovered my regulator or generator coil may have a problem. I am not measuring enough volts at my battery connections so my new battery is not being charged.... Only 5 v at full throttle, book says over 8. Oh well pick'em off one at a time and smile I guess.

Re: FA50 turn signal light when brake applied

I think you deserve all the credit for the detective work. But, we had faith in you!

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