it runs, but doesnt start.

The clutch pads I have in my drum are worn out. The part I’m wanting to fix is the centrifugal force pads, I think that’s right… Problem is I can't find any to replace it. I have a hero majestic pacer and parts seem to be almost impossible to find. I've tried to call the place up in Columbus Ohio, Handy Bikes. But their line no longer exist. I've tried a few time to get in contacted them, even e-mailed them and nothing. Did they go under?

Any how, I have so far a few options available to me to get my ped to run. The guy I had look at it said he could make some new pads for it out of some material. While taking to him he brought up that he would "glue" these on, I don't know what type of glue he is talking about, but I have my doubts already. This would run me about $200.00 for him to do so. If I could find the right parts I could possible replace the whole section of the engine, I’m not sure if I can even do that yet. Any ideas on this, or possible places I could get these pads from?

Re: it runs, but doesnt start.

nO...........Handy Bikes caN BE REACHED AT 1-614-299-0550

Thety have your parts. don-ohio

Re: it runs, but doesnt start.

Michael Nesson /

Try Chris at the Moped Warehouse...they are in New Jersey and listed in the resource section

it runs, but doesnt start.

I'll try them again, but it's the same every time.

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