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Rich Secret /

Free input needed! :) Now that I have you attention... grin

I have a 1978 Honda Express, I have been redoing this from the ground up for my son. I got it to run, but believe there is a small issue to resolve with the carb. The other problem, the one I am here for, is possible clutch related...

I can start the moped and it runs, once started the rear tire spins fast.. if I try to apply the brake or set the tire on the ground, the friction slows the tire and the engine stalls. What could be the cause of this? Could it be a sticking clutch keeping the wheel engaged? When I stop the tire is it possible I am stopping the engine from turning over?

Any ideas or help would be appriciated! :)

Thanx guys...

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more people reply if you label the topic what it really is.How high is your idle?

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Leon Swarmer /

#2 clutch problem: Clutch does not disengage:

solution: Clutch weight not functioning properly repair

#4 clutch drags at idling (engine stalls)


1. idle speed to fast adjust

2. Fatigued clutch spring replace

3.Carb at fault ahjust

clutch spring as installed length should be 35mm or (1.38 inches)

from the Factory manual

clutch is under the left cover. looks like a real pain with the wind starter mechanism

be really careful, take pics, number parts as they come off.

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Jonas Quimby /

I'd say your carb settings are wrong. Those are the two screws on the side of the carb.a A much easier thing to try then the clutch, which rarly fails on the Express.

Check my guide if you'd like help tuning the bike and getting it to it's best.

Sorry if I've suggested this to you before, it's getting hard to keep track of who's who

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