Stuck Rear Brake

I just bought an 89 Yamaha Razz, and the rear brake is stuck. The seller said he tried (not very hard) to get in there and grease the caliper, but couldn't do it. I'd like to get this fixed pretty soon, and do it myself, b/c i'm poor (having bought an old Razz) and the front brake is really worn down.

What can I do?

Re: Stuck Rear Brake

Did you loosen the brake cable adjuster at the rear wheel? You just unscrew it a bit to loosen the tension on the rea brake.

Re: Stuck Rear Brake

remove the rear wheel

remove all the nuts and

look inside the wheel to find the problem

might want to lube some of the parts in there also

Re: Stuck Rear Brake

Ben Van Zoest /

Detach cable and wack the lever back, see if that frees it.

Re: Stuck Rear Brake

Time and elbow grease! Clean the external area, then disassemble the parts, clean them with solvent. Sand out any rust or corrosion with fine sandpaper or emery cloth. Grease the proper spots taking care not to get grease on the brake friction parts. Then reassemble and adjust properly. TA-DAA!

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