Repair technique

Does anyone have a good technique for restoring glazed over brake shoes to their original ability to grip. I have a pair of clutch shoes that aren't worn down, but also don't grab the way they once did. I've tried brake cleaner, combined with rubbing, and I've tried filing down to a new layer of pad. Neither of these worked. Has anyone had any luck with this type of repair?

Re: Repair technique

An old automotive trick is use Comet bathroom cleaner and scrub with a brush.

Re: Repair technique

i use light sandpaper (like 120 git) to take the glaze off, on both the pads and the drum.. follow with brake cleaner and paper towels.

Re: Repair technique

Cut 2 grooves in each pad .030" deep like this..........\ / .......evenly spaced. SAND the drum before assembling. To cut the grooves, use a 3-corner file,very small. don-ohio (:^)

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