Puch 2-speed

Steve Murphy /

I just picked up a rough Newport II, and notice that the gear noise is quite a bit louder than my one-speed Maxi or my Sachs. Before I go cracking this thing open, is this normal?

The trans seems to work OK otherwise; it starts off OK and consistently shifts smoothly into second at about 15 MPH.

The noise sounds like gears meshing, kind of like when you are in reverse in a car with a manual transmission. It follows the engine's RPM and not drive sprocket's speed.

The bike sat for many years before I got it. I found that the gearbox was just about dry, so I suspect that it may need some work.

Re: Puch 2-speed

See Ya Moped Army /

The crank bearings could be rusty.

Re: Puch 2-speed

Michael Nesson /

I have a 2 speed that runs great. Shifts smoothly at 15mph....I used type "f" transmission fluid (9.5ozs) exactly and that helped with noise and smoother shifting!

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