QT-50 Problems and a LOT of them

Okay, so I got this (new to me) 1980 Yamaha QT-50 the other day. I can't figure out why it won't start either. Sometimes it will start, and run for a couple seconds (with starter fluid or with premix). I have tested that the engine is getting both air and fuel, and I'm also getting a spark. I took the exhaust off to see if backpressure from a dirty exhaust was the problem, no go. I cleaned the carb, but there is a small pin that's stuck (I can't even get it out.). The large pin works fine though. Does anyone have any other ideas as to what I could do to get it running?

QT-50 Problems and a LOT of them

Did you check the compression? Fred's guide is always a handy resource:


Re: QT-50 Problems and a LOT of them

Compression is fine. Sometimes it will even run for a couple seconds, then it shuts off. We think we may have found the problem - there is no battery. It's missing. Do you think that when the lights turn on it sucks all the power so it could not spark?

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