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So, I've got a can of Sea Foam sitting here, and I'm not quite sure how to use it. Do I just pour some into the gas tank? Soak the carb in it? Squirt it in the spark hole?

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Read the can......

Add 1oz per gal of gas to clean the fuel system.

Put some of it into a spray bottle and spray it into the air intake with the motor running. I think you would best be served by just adding it to the fuel for several tanks. I use it in my cars and trucks as well as 2 and 4 cycle engines. Great results.

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Did you get better fuel mileage in your car/truck? I was thinking of trying it.

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MPG did not change. It did smooth out the idle and the way it drives, I just can't use the new term "driveability".

On my 4 wheel vehicles I pulled the vacuum line off the power brake booster, sucked in about half a can of Seafoam. As the last bit went in I shut the motor off for about 4 hours, can says 5 min. I then went for a 15 mile drive. Lots of smoke will come out for the 1st few miles. It cleans out the carbon buildup and EGR ports, etc.

I also put 2 cans in my 25 gal tank at every 30000 oil change.

Hope it works for you,


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where can i find that stuff? i need it for one of my bikes...

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Is this available at most auto stores? Where can I get some?

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Most nationwide chains carry it, NAPA, O'reileys. I buy it at my local parts supplier. Anywhere from 3.95 to 5.95 a can.

I think the website is SEAFOAM.COM

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