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So I'm having some trouble with the headlight on a 79 Honda Express. I recently replaced my battery, which got the horn to start working. I pulled off the cover and, using my wire tester, touched all the points to make sure I was getting charge from them. It seems pretty much _all_ the green wires are not giving a charge. The lights filament looks good, but I'm no expert.

Do all the green wires come after the headlight? I'm figuring possibly the wire is coming into the headlight, and the filament is burned out, and therefore the green wires never get anything. Is that the case? or is this something more serious?

Re: Honda Express Headlight

are the green wires supposed to have power through them? A lot of times green is ground, so if you are testing with the - probe on the bike and the + on the wire touching the green proabably won't do anything

Re: Honda Express Headlight

Hah good call. Boy I feel dumb. I spent like hours tracing each green wire to see where it went and why it wasn't getting charge.

Looks like I've got to hunt down an express headlight.

Is there anyway to test this light before purchasing a new one? Like with a 9v battery?

Re: Honda Express Headlight

do you have a car battery charger that does 6 and 12 volt? I always just flip mine to 6v to test moped stuff, 12v for the bigger stuff, never had a problem yet

Re: Honda Express Headlight

hrmm, unfortunately no. Any other way of doing it?

Re: Honda Express Headlight

you might be able tyo do it with a 9v, but you could also hook it to the car battery FOR A SECOND, just long enough for it to ligh up, hook the - up and touch the + to the low or high prong, then the other one, I like to use those little alligator clip wires

Re: use Express battery

Leon Swarmer /

make some tiny jumper cables.I like to use aligator clips, too.

- on the battery to where the green wire was connected.

+ from the batery to the other two connections, one at a time

then you can check both filaments.

BTW there are replacement bulbs avaliable with less expensive lamps that are replaceable. a search on my posts will give you part # I got mine from the dealer.


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