1979 tomos silver bullet stalling


i have finally got my moped and i'm so excited. so i had to transport it on it's side. i am wondering what kind of problems that can cause? so while i was picking it up the guy selling it to me runs down the list on how to start etc. i get it back to town, and it takes a while to start after having a flawless start at the pickup. i rode it awhile and it seemed to help. while driving i can feel it having problems with gears. that is my feeling. it has problem going faster. it'll go slower and start to stall if i try to give it too much gas. only after breaking past 20mph does it seem to act ok. the bigger problem seems to be the idle. if a moped sits for awhile without being used will it have problems idling? if i have to come to a stop and it's for too long it will just turn off. how can i get it to idle? this moped has been kept well i just think it might need a bigger overhaul based on it's age. the muffler is obviously old and could use a cleaning or replacing. if anyone reading this is in chicago and would like to help me here i would really appreciate this. i would be happy to make you dinner in trade for knowledge. and or a six pack.



Re: 1979 tomos silver bullet stalling

dirty carb passages,Dale(also replace spark plug). Also, check the the fluid level is at the `check level' plug on the side cover of the transmission. don-ohio (:^D

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