The heck happened? Magnum Issues

Something weird happened to my magnum today...I tried to start it, but it didn't want to kick still has spark.

I just pulled it into the shed for the night as a storm washed over the city - it was working fine that day. It sat for one day and today I get nothing. The only thing I did while it was off before locking it down was detail it (no water, just wax).

Could the water have done something? I had it with the gas cap off for a few hours, but no more...I doubt any water came into the tank, and I had a full tank. I didn't do any modifications or anything before today either...

Any sugestions?

Re: The heck happened? Magnum Issues

Stupid me, it was a fouled plug...but it brings up another question - is it common to foul a plug after about 2 1/2 months of riding? Should I be changing my jet? The only thing different right now is I have a proma circuit on.

Re: The heck happened? Magnum Issues

Could be too much oil in the gas, too rich a jet, or just an old plug...what ratio do you run?

Re: The heck happened? Magnum Issues

I use 50:1

Re: The heck happened? Magnum Issues

You don't have oil-injection? Well, 50:1 won't oil-foul it. Is your air filter box clear? Are your points and timing correct?

Sometimes you just get a weaK PLUG OR IT'S GAPPED WRONG. Gap it at .020" and try a new one. don-ohio

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