Throttle cable problem

I broke the throttle tube slider on my Tomos.

My mistake was in replacing the whole throttle cable along with the slider.

Now the cable seems too long. It also will not tighten up where it meets the throttle grip in that adjustment piece. It just keeps moving around and the metal adjuster won't stay in the hole in the throttle grip.

It works but there is so much play that when I turn the throttle all the way and then release it, the cable pops out of it's adjustment screw and the adjustment screw pops out too!

It needs the magic touch

Re: Throttle cable problem

What does this tube look like.. Is it short and straight or is it a longer piece of tubing with a 90 degree bend?

Re: Throttle cable problem

I replaced 223 707 because it broke. Now there is way too much slack in the throttle cable.

also 227 698 is in two pieces, the cable and the adjustment piece. On the diagram it shows it all as one, 227 698.

Is there a set screw that holds the adjustment piece in place, in the throttle grip assembly or is it just supposed to be held there by tension?

Re: Throttle cable problem

i was gonna suggest making a new tube from a small metric bolt with the correct diameter and thread pitch from the hardware store, but i can't tell from the diagram exactly what would be involved.

It looks to be a straight tube, so maybe it can be done without too much trouble. Find the bolt, cut off the head, and drill the needed holes.

It's common for there to be a lock-down nut that maintains the adjustment. I've never seen a set screw used for this purpose.

I have made a replacement tube, but it was short and straight.. threaded on one end, and a large hole drilled to fit the cable sheath. Then a smaller hole was drilled all the way through for the cable itself.

If you try making one, use the original as a pattern (or measure everything very carefully) and try to copy the critical dimensions, like hole depth, exactly.. Otherwise, it might be hard to adjust the throttle cable..

Re: Throttle cable problem

i totally misread your first message.. I thought you still had a broken adjustment tube..

So, you're having trouble getting the thing adjusted.. Is there any way to take up some of that slack at the Carburetor?

Re: Throttle cable problem

It's actually tight at the Carb!

It's so tight that the sliding plate won't go all the way down!!!!!

This just needs time and patience. All of the pieces are there.

Maybe the sliding plate spring is old and not pushing the door all the way down.

That still leaves me with the problem of the top connection, on the handlebars. The metal adjustment collar that slips on the end of the throttle cable will not stay put in it's place on the throttle grip assembly. Also the Throttle Cable itself keeps popping out with that adjustmenet collar.

I have 3/4 "of play when I twist the grip, and my top speed is limited because the slider in the carb can't be opened fully

I will bring my digi home with me and take a pic of it if I cant get it fixed this afternoon. Maybe a picture would help somebody help me or show me what to do.

Re: Throttle cable problem

i guess the carb end of that cable has a little tiny knob on the end that attaches to the carb's slide plate... If so, there is no adjustment possible down there, unless the carb-end-sheath has an adjuster tube simillar to the one on the upper/grip end of the sheath.

I would look closely at the throttle grip. It seems that either it is connected wrong inside the grip, or that cable sheath length is a bit too short for your bike.

If you are positive that cable/sheath is the correct part for that bike, then i agree.. it's just a matter of time and patience.

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