Peugeot Condensor Specs


Does anyone out there know the capacitance of a Peugeot condensor? I can't get my flywheel off, but I think I could cut the old one (through the cover) and connect a new condensor to the magneto's wiring harness. All I need now, is to know what sort of capacitance I need.



Re: Peugeot Condensor Specs

capacitance is determined by how many square inches of 'plates' are in the capacitor.. And, ignition-capacitors have something like a 20% tolerance.. and caps are virtually identical on the inside: two plates, actually thin strips of metal, separated by a dielectric.

so, if you pick some ignition-type capacitor close to the same size, it will be OK. Just be sure it fits in the space provided for it in the magneto (if thats where it goes).

As far as breakdown voltage, use at least (?) a 6volt (i don't think they make one for ignitions thats rated lower).. a 12 volt is ok.

personally, i wouldn't hesitate to snatch one at random off an old car in a junk yard.

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