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hey every one, im new! i just got my moped running for the first time today. it's a suzuki fa50 that i got from a friend of mine in non running condition. i gave up on it a while ago but started working on it today on a whim. it runs rough and i dont even know all the things that are wrong with it yet, but there are a few key items i need. namely a head gasket. does anybody know where to find parts like this? i've looked all over the internet and cant find anything for new parts. i couldnt find an e-mail address for suzuki either, that was my first bet on finding the parts. oh yeah, i don't have any idea what year it is either. thanks in advance for any help!

Re: searching for fa50 parts

Look in the phone book for the nearest Suzuki dealer and get your gasket from them. They will have 90% of the parts you need. You can get the model year by looking at the sticker on the steering head pipe (right side) Each year is represented by a different letter of the alphabet.

Re: searching for fa50 parts

You can also try ,

They have an online parts catalog with exploded views. My 86 has been going through the same overhaul you are doing. Suzuki dealer in my town very helpful and parts are the same price or less than

I would advise you to remove the carb from the bike, disassemble it carefully, soak it overnight , spray it with compressed air and put it all back together.

Good luck.

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