77 honda express hose setup

its me again, still can't get it started but im so freakin close.

im worried that either my points are screwed and need replacing, or that my hoses arent all plugged in correctly. i will try to post a picture of my hose setup by the end of the week, but if you guys could snap a quick picture of what your honda express looks like, (as far as the hoses are concerned, im talking about the other ones besides the fuel and oil) up close, i can reference that, i just have a crapload of stuff plugged in and im not sure it should be. thanks for your help.

i have spark, and im getting gas into the carb, and the engine will turnover, and there is enough compression to blow my finger off the spark plug hole, but it wont catch at all. i filed my points down pretty good, getting a good percentage of the crap off em, but im still worried i might need new ones. any sugestions?

Re: 77 honda express hose setup

Jonas Quimby /

How much did you file them?

With the Express, you cant change your ignition timing as you would a normal bike.

What you do is turn the points plate to bring the points closer together or farther apart. If they are closer together the bike will fire sooner. If you pull them apart they will fire later.

However if you file the contact points down or if they wear past a certain point your ignition timing will be thrown way off.

Did you already try everything in my guide?


Re: 77 honda express hose setup

yup,....he's right. i would definitely change your points. they aren't expensive at all,....and could very well fix your problem,.......besides,....that will be one less thing that could go wrong.........get a manual too,.....or go to www.partsfish.com, they have a scanned complete manual for the bike. that will show you most everythuing you need.....the manual is the best tool in your shop yo.......filley

Re: 77 honda express hose setup

i went to partsfish and all i saw was manuals i had to buy. is there anything free online? link?

p.s. ill definitly buy new points for my beast, i need to check on some DMV stuff before i start buying parts for it though.

Re: 77 honda express hose setup

Leon Swarmer /

did you see this??


what hose pics are you after?


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