Puch exhuast on a sachs, will it work?

Will i be able to rig up a puch maxi exhuast to run on sachs? Is there going to be a differential back pressure issue? i know its kind of ghetto, but i'm trying to get as many peds runnin with what i have. Also, anyone have a sachs manual they are done with and would like to sell. benmeng

Re: Puch exhuast on a sachs, will it work?

I've put a Tomos bi-turbo on my carrier but it's a weird General Moped variation that goes to the right side of the bike. A puch header diameter is 22 mm while a sachs header diameter is 26 mm so it's different. You might as well buy a sachs header and then get a two piece bi-turbo. The problem with that is that you are doing all of this work very little performance increase. I'd suggest e.mailing Chad Burke he's selling Gianelli pipes for the Sachs and they are alright.

That's my suggestion.


Re: Puch exhuast on a sachs, will it work?

if you just want it to run and are not looking for top performance it should work. 4mm is not that big a deal, but will take away a little performance

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