Kinetic clutch question

Hi all,

I have a question about the clutch on my 2003 kinetic TFR:

When I start the ped up on the stand, the back wheel rotates when the bike is idling. If I stop it, it will start slowly turning again after I release the brake. If I hold the brake down long enough, before it's warmed up, the bike dies.

So is the clutch supposed to engage while the bike is idling? If not, how do I adjust it?

Re: Kinetic clutch question

Sean Taylor 9/18/1971 - 1/14/2007 /

I have a 97 Kinetic and it does the same thing, so I think nothing is wrong with it.

Re: Kinetic clutch question

Travis Hill /

I've got a 2003. It does the same thing too. I think the kinetic is designed to be started by pedaling. I think that is why the choke is the way it is. I always start mine by riding it (vs starting it on the kickstand and letting it warm up for a minute). By the time I come to a stop at a light or something it idles just fine.

Re: Kinetic clutch question

Hmm, I hadn't thought that pedaling would engage the clutch, but that's a good point.

I usually can't start mine by riding if it isn't warmed up, need to pop it up on the stand.

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