1963 Honda Hobbit

hey everyone. i just received a used 1963 Honda Hobbit and i am looking for tips for how to restore and repair it. Specifically, if anyone has any advice on how to get a bracket to screw back on the headlight that would be great. Also i am wondering what the optimal kind of gas would be good for the engine. Thanks!!


Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

Check the tag on the front forks again. I don't think Honda made Hobitts in 1963. Maybe a 1983?

Gas ratio is 25:1 or 4 ounces of a good 2 stroke motor oil to 1 gal of gas.

See attached exploded view of what should be your headlight assembly. Maybe thta will help you how to figure out how to attach the rim or if something is missing or broken


Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

As for gasoline: Regular unleaded gas. Some people say don't use gas with ethanol in it (go to Shell). Make sure you mix two-stroke oil in with it.

Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

I think 4 ounces of oil to one gallon of gas is 32:1

128/4 =32



Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

I stand corrected. Good catch Ray

I meant to post 25:1 or 4% not 4 ounces. Should be about 5 ounces to a gal or 5.12 to be exact.

4 ozs would be a little lean.

Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

Bowen Kellogg /

thanks for all your advice, i really appreciate this.

p.s. Zippy, if you read this, the person (my co-worker) who i got it from said that is was a 1963 model but he didn't have the papers to be sure. i also know that it is not a '78 or '83 because some of the parts in my moped weren't being made anymore as of the end of the '60s to early '70s (as far as i know).

Thanks, Bowen

Re: 1963 Honda Hobbit

Can you go to this link and identify what bike you have by the serial or VIn nmuber


The earliest Honda 50cc listed here was a 1967. Hobbits weren't made till 78.

Re: Honda Hobbit ATTN: Zippy

Bowen Kellogg /

zippy, i took a look at the photos that were on that link you posted for me. it turns out that my Hobbit is a '78 after all. the co-worker who i received it from must have not remembered it correctly. i know that mine is a '78 because i have that distinctive original seat that was only made and installed on the '78. thanks for your help, it really helped me clear up what model year it was. hope to be in touch soon.


Re: Honda Hobbit ATTN: Zippy

Wasn't trying to be a stickler for detail but it makes a lot of difference when you are trying to source parts, find Service manuals and get help from fellow moped owners who have a moped similar to yours.

Now you need to determine if you have the 20 mph or 30 mph model. You can use that same link and check your VIN or serial number for the code.

Good luck with your Hobbit, it's a cool little ped.

Happy Trails

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