Tomos not starting

I took my 1995 tomos targa lx out for a ride 2 days ago. Everything worked good and i was ziping around town. After i parked my moped in my garage for a few hours a went to take it out for another ride with a friend...However it would not start. After working on it all day today i can say this. It is not the carb, i know becasue i cleaned it inside and out and its spotless; its not carbon build up in the exhaust, and its not the spark plug becasue i bought a new one today and that didnt help. I think it is something with the spark, when i tested it for spark i didnt see as much spark as i usually do and when i did see spark it looked a little dull compared to usual. Do i need to set the gap in the spark plug to a certain distance? Or is it something with my magneeto????

I dont know..any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. i know i need to change my tranny fluid, could that have anything to do with it????

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Re: Tomos not starting

Leon Swarmer /

Every new spark plug should be gapped.

Your manual should give you the setting. I don't know it.

Tranny fluid not an issue here.


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