how do i run my throttle cable?

Im do i run a throttle cable?


second photo...



third photo...



Rizzato Califfo 80

damn lack of edit function....

this bike is a Rizzato Califfo 80.


Re: Rizzato Califfo 80

On the twist part of the throttle you will see that slanted groove line. There should be a little piece with a screw that will sit in that groove. You run the throttle cable through that piece and tighten the screw so it holds the cable then when you turn your throttle you will see the piece slides back and forth in the groove. Hard to explain in words but hope this helps a little.

Re: Rizzato Califfo 80

so there should be a pinch bolt of sorts in there? how does that not stop the tube from hanging up on the bars and not moving?

i believe you that is the way to do it, i just dont see how it would work.

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