what did I do! Engine not starting

Ok I know where the problem is but i'm not sure why it's not working. First let me tell you what happened. I hit a down ward hill going full speed, so obviously I picked up some speed going down, but i'm thinking to much and I started losing speed. This is where it happened and how, but I don't know why. I have a hero Majestic pacer for the record.

I'm going to try and explain this as I don't know what anything is called and I don't have a manual for the ped. Try and bare with me. ok, you kick the starter chain and that pulls the engine chain which pulls the belt. The belt spins the circle thing. But heres my problem. The belt isn't pulling the circle thing that spins(sorry for the lack of a better name) I'll show you a picture. Nothing looks broken, at first I thought something inside might have broken that wasn't putting tension to spin the whole thing. But it looks like the (pads?) may be worn out? I'm not sure if they have to be replaced possible. Or could there be something i'm not seeing thats messed up. The crank bar(don't know the name) wont move if I spin that whole part that I showed in the picture, but the one on the right side will. So i'm guessing something on the left side is off. Any ideas what this might be? If i'm being to vague i'll try and explain a little more. I'm trying to fix it now but i'm not exactly sure whats the main problem.


Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

I was just taking a look at it. I'm thing I know the problem. If you look at the picture I have you see the three (i'll call them pads) pads with springs on them. I'm guessing these need to expand and grip the side of the cover they are in. But they are not gripping, and this is the problem? The belt is looped around the out side cover. So when I kick start it pulls the belt and also spins the outside cover. But the three pads on the inside are getting no contact with the out side cover. I've never worked on anything like this, do these need to be replaced?

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

Leon Swarmer /

Sorry, but the three pad things are not the problem.

Those are bits of the clutch assembly. When your engine is running and you rev it a bit they slide outward and start to grab the Inside of the outer circle and take you down the road.

They shouldn't touch unless you are spinning the engine more than idle speed.

I don't know your bike to give you better help... but that's not your problem.


Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

I haven't worked on your bike but making an educated guess from having worked on other similar peds.

Look at the picture with the shaft that the starter clutch is on. Look at the shaft and the small thick metal collar with a slot or notch in it. This notch or slot is there for a reason, it is supposed to interlock with a "woodruff key" that is inbeded in the shaft. A "woodruff key" is a half moon shaped small piece of metal that fits in a small cutout in the shaft.

It is possible and sometime happens that this "woodruff key" can shear off or break, thus allowing the sarter clutch to spin freely with "catching" to start the engine.

Figure out how to lossen that belt and then slide the starter clutch assembly off the shaft to see if the woodruff key is slipped out of place or may be broken or missing.

You can buy woodruff keys at a local hardware store to replace the one if it is missing or broken.

If is not a broken woodruff key then look at the larger pulley wheel the belt is on and see if there is a twist type lever or a slider type lever that makes the moped "free wheeling" like a bicycle. This theory is a maybe because you mentioned chains on both sides so the free wheeling unit is usually on the rear hub like a bicycle.

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

If all else fails contact BJ at Handy Bikes in Ohio, I think they are a Hero dealer. He can can probaly tell you pretty quickly what the problem is.

Tell BJ the Starter Clutch won't engage and just spins freely on the drive shaft.

http://www.handybikes.com/ you can their contact number off their web site.

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hmm.. is it just me or do i see a clutch drum that has been severly overheated and is now a blue color..

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

Your right it is blue around the edges, it was like that when I got it. Is this bad?

My dad had mentioned that to me when I showed him. But I wasnt sure of what I was looking at so couldn't tell, thanks.

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it looks to me exactly like the temper was drawn by heat.. a rainbow of color.. Het a piece of steel and you'll see what i mean.

Do you have any clutch pads left or is it metal on metal?

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I'm having a problem trying to get to the woodruff key to see if its broken or not. I can't seem to get off the cover, I've been able to take off the chain and belt but the rest doesn't want to come off. I didn't want to bang on it as I really don't know what i'm doing once again.

When I first start up my ped are the clutch pads suppose to come in contact with the clutch drum? Their not and thats at what first I thought was wrong. I thought they needed to expand and pull when starting up?

I might go find some one who can look at it for me if all else fails.

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

Leon Swarmer /

Kevin, when you spin whatever it is you spin on your ped to try to start it, does the nut in the middle of the three clutch pads move at all?

I was thinking earlier that the clutch we see was just for forward proplulsion and not for starting. I could easily have been wrong not knowing your ped. Is there a clutch cable you pull to engage then engine after you have the back wheel spinning. Can you move it and watch the clutch pads at the same time? Do they move out to the inside of the blue circle piece?

I agree with joew about the blue color. Not good news. But not fatal, I'm thinking. Can you see any lining on the three clutch pads? It should look like brake lining

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Can you turn the starter clutch drum by hand either way clockwise or counterclockwise?

If you can, does the center shaft turn with it? Do you feel any resistance when you hand turn the starter clutch drum?

BTW from the pic you posted, it looks like you have plenty of clutch pads left on at least two of the clutch starter shoes I can see.

I still recommend you contact Handy Bikes as they are a dealer for hero mopeds and can probably be of help in determining the problem.

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

I got it to start with much peddling on my part. But my chain broke off again... that pos. I've been trying to get in contact with handy bikes to no success.

I'm going to see if I can have some one with more knowledge have a look, and see if they can figure out anything.

Re: what did I do! Engine not starting

A chain is easy to fix, if the chain is the same as a bike chain. Take the chain off and take it to a bike shop and see if they can fix it. You could even do it yourself if you had the tool and the replacement links for it.

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