Need nut for Honda PA50 petcock

Michael Bleiwas /

Hey everyone...........when draining my tank I inadvertatnly lost the nut that attaches the petcock to the tank. Down a sewer, no less.

Anyway, it doesn't look as though this is the type of nut that one can buy at the local Home Depot or Loews! Does anyone know the specs? Is it double-threaded? Does anyone know where I can pick one up?

Thanks for the help.


Re: Need nut for Honda PA50 petcock

you coul always use a die on the threads and then buy a nut to match the die. other than that i dont know. maybe someone else will know

Re: Need nut for Honda PA50 petcock

yeah.. double threaded.. the top is right-hand and the bottom is left.

first time i saw one of these things all i could think is .. you better not lose this sucker. i found a couple parts bikes but no tanks.. and no petcocks..

Try Honda. Thats worth a phone call .. or drop in and bug the crap out of the parts guy.. Tank/petcock nuts are probably the same on all their mopeds and scooters, regardless of year or style.. My guess is some brand new smaller bike with a tank/petcock uses that exact same nut. Ask around in the service dept in they will let you in there. Calling Service instead of parts should hook you up with an actual mechanic who might feel some sympathy.

My local Honda dealer is not inclined to lift a finger if the bike/year/part number is not listed as available in his computer .. your guy might be different.

Re: Need nut for Honda PA50 petcock

I might have an extra one of these that I could send you also...

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