FA50 muffler problem

Just when I thought I was making progress, the muffler cracked off at the front where the pipe meets it! There is only 1 bolt holding the entire muffler on if you exclude the two holding the pipe to the cylinder. Is this a common problem or am I missing a part. Looks like a design to fail ! New muffler looks like $88 from Bike Bandit.

Re: FA50 muffler problem

This is the time to upgrade to an expansion chamber. I took a headpipe on purpose and cut it off at the cannister. Then I found a cheap, used expansion chamber exhaust (in my case from a TS or TR50 Suzuki). I cut out an 8" section from the middle and welded it back together. Then welded it onto the headpipe. The diameters fit perfectly. Now I have a nice performance pipe. You can probably take about any expansion chamber pipe and adapt it. Might not be perfectly tuned, but at least it scavenges the exhaust, unlike the stock muffler. Just a thought.

Re: FA50 muffler problem

you cut 8" from the middle of the expasion chamber?

if that is the case about how big is your expansion part of the exhaust?

Re: FA50 muffler problem

At least 18"

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