Puch maxi timing?

Does anyone know the correct timing for a 1977 Puch Maxi Sport? My moped is going very slow and shuts off after a minute or two. I think that the timing might be off but I'm not sure. It also makes a clanking noise that sounds like something in the engine is loose and it runs extremely rough in general. It was running fine a week ago. Any ideas?

Re: Puch maxi timing?

Rick Rottweiler /
rick OP

Oh yeah, the head light is not turning on when I am able to start the engine. Could this all be related?

Re: Puch maxi timing?

your magneto could have come loose or caught and gotten screwed up.

Re: Puch maxi timing?

Sounds like the nut on the mag has came loose. This link will help on setting the timing. I used a multi-meter set on tone to know when the points are opening.

Re: Puch maxi timing?

Here's the link for the timing.


Re: Puch maxi timing?

Ben Van Zoest /

Goto: Mopedsonline.com you can print TROUBLE SHOOTING

from A to Z with diagrams etc.

Re: Puch maxi timing?

Goto: mopedonline.com TROUBLE SHOOTING you'll find a very clear expl. w/ pics to read and print...

Points should close 2mm before top of stroke, check thrue spark plug hole....

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