Fixing a bent puch rod

My friend just bought a 79 puch, and its in pretty excellent shape, but the cylinder must have froze, and so the rod bent, prohibing the rod from going entirely around the crank. I think straightening it would be too risky, since he is going to put a 70cc athena on it. But is there any place to buy a good rod, or anyone have one, or a whole crank thats good. Its a 1 spd. e-mail me or post

Re: Fixing a bent puch rod

Well you have 2 options besides unbending it. The first is to buy a new one from Chris @ MWH. The second option and the one I took when my con rod shattered was I found a cheep crank online that was pretty beat up and rusted. The Rod was pretty well spot on. I took the crank to a machinist, sue to the fact that it needs to be pressed open and then pressed closed. The new crank cost about $115. and I got my used one for $10. and he tossed in shipping. The pressing cost me $50. If you are lucky enough to find a cheep crank then go for it. Few and far between thought.

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Re: Fixing a bent puch rod

John Getsch /

how mutch is a new rod?

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