Vespa Grande 79 wiring etc. NEED HELP!!!

I just got a 79 vespa grande and it dosent work at all, and i have no documentation to go with it. there are some probly silly yet important questions i have.

1) does this model use a battery? or does the motor some how generate its own electriciy for lights/spark plugs etc.

If it does use a battery, what kind and where can i find one?

2) All of my wiring is an incredible mess. I cant even tell if there are any battery connections. (if there is a battery). Could someone please explain or give me a wiring diagram?

3) The drive belt is missing on my moped. Where can i find a moped belt? I also have heard tractor belts can be a good substitute where can I find one and what size do i need?


Thanks, Neil

Re: Vespa Grande 79 wiring etc. NEED HELP!!!

here's a grande manual.. it should give you something to start with until you find more info.. and i see something about a battery and wiring diagrams..

Re: Vespa Grande 79 wiring etc. NEED HELP!!!

First your Grande doesn't need a battery to start or run. All power is generated by a magneto when you pedal. Some model Grandes (Deluxe model) had factory turn signals.

There were a couple different models so we first need to determine which model you have in order to provide the proper wiring diagram. Go to this link and read a bit about the Grande and determine which model you have.

Start by checking to see if you have spark. A few things to check is to make sure you have a good dual filament Tail/Brake light bulb. If the brake light is burned out the moped's engine will die each time you apply the brake levers.

Some models had a "Start or Run" switch on the right handle bar and also a "Ignition/Headlight" switch on top of the tear drop shape head light. The switch looks like a headlight switch but it serves a dual purpose. In the 11 o clock position it is OFF, 12 o clock is ignition only ON and 1 o clock is ignition and Head light ON.

Indentify your bike and I'll try to get you the correct matching wiring diagram.

Re: Vespa Grande 79 wiring etc. NEED HELP!!!

Neil Monday /

My moped has 2 switches on it. One for the lights (on/off), and one for the engine (run/off). There are no turn signals on this model.

There are 2 wires coming out of the engine, green and black, are these the wires for the "magneto"?

Thanks, Neil

Re: Vespa Grande 79 wiring etc. NEED HELP!!!

Sounds like someone rewired it. The wires coming out of the engine should be Violet and Blue.

See attached wiring diagram

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